Purification Experts Since 1951

About Fuller Ultraviolet

For over 60 years, Fuller Ultraviolet has supplied the latest UV disinfection technology for air, liquid, and surface applications. As a leader in UV solutions, they use their expertise and experience to meet the demands of their customers. Fuller Ultraviolet specializes in designing and manufacturing ultraviolet equipment for liquid sweetener tanks. In addition to liquid storage, they offer equipment for liquid disinfection, conveyor line fixtures, mobile UV sterilizers, HVAC systems, UV storage cabinets and ozone generators. Whether you need product protection, air disinfection or liquid purification, Fuller Ultraviolet can provide equipment for your application.

Always advancing their technology, Fuller Ultraviolet has grown through the years. Their equipment and applications have been constantly evolving since 1951. Using innovative ideas, Fuller Ultraviolet has provided equipment for thousands of applications in over 40 countries.

They offer quality designed equipment for:

Liquid Sweetener Tanks

Sterile conditioners and air vents designed for any size indoor or outdoor tank.

Commercial HVAC Systems

For treatment of coil surfaces, air streams and filter faces.

Mobile Ultraviolet Units

Designed for irradiation of multiple surface areas, room to room remediation, and odor reduction.

Kennel Units

Equipped with filtration and blowers for cleaning whole rooms.

Ultraviolet Conveyor Fixtures

Tailored systems to treat food or inorganic material.

Storage Cabinets

Cabinets manufactured to remove pathogens from a variety of surfaces including lab goggles, gloves and tools.

Liquid Storage

A variety of ultraviolet systems for liquid disinfection from water to liquid sweeteners.

Ultraviolet Lamps

An extensive line of ultraviolet germicidal lamps including slimline, hot cathode, cold cathode and ozone. We carry protective lamp sleeves for your product protection.


A variety of filters including poly media, HEPA, electrostatic, bag and pleated.

Custom Applications

They can provide leading edge technology, innovative ideas, and engineering and manufacturing capabilities for your custom UV disinfection solution.

From the 1950s to the Present