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Ultraviolet Cabinets

Fuller Ultraviolet designs and fabricates sterile cabinets of all shapes and sizes to meet individual requirements and can certainly handle most needs. We can put together a UVC sterile storage cabinet for various pieces of equipment. Cabinets can be incorporated in a pass through system, providing the ability to mount in a wall bteween two adjacent rooms, so that product can be put into storage in one room, and taken out as needed from the other room. As with all potential applications, design depends upon requirement and conditions. Fuller Ultraviolet has designed and manufactured numerous UV cabinets. The following fields can benefit from this approach: Laboratory Equipment, Packaging Films, Meat Packing Facilities, Medical Equipment

Standard Features

Electrical power interruption can be as simple as a door activated safety switch, or expanded to include specific controls for temperature variation, sudden changes in atmospheric pressure, protection from electrical power surges, and other circumstances. Combinations of all of these variables can frequently result in uniqueness and effectiveness of design.

Available Features

Solar Brite Material: Similar to many of our other equipment designs, the use of solar brite within cabinetry can definately enhance the effectiveness of germicidal ultraviolet radiation.
View Port: View ports of different sizes can also be incorporated into final cabinetry. One characteristic of the view ports include protection from ultraviolet radiation.
Shelving: Shelving components may vary according to equipment requirements- solid surface, UV transparent alternative, and mesh are all possibilities.

Weathering Chambers

UVA cabinets have long been a part of Fuller's list of specialty equipment. Details of design depend upon specific parameters.