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Commercial HVAC Systems | Airborne Disinfection

Ultraviolet germicidal energy in the 254nm range is an effective means to treat a variety of pathogens. It is a time tested, proven method of reversing or stopping environmental damage from organisms, yeasts, mold spores and viruses in water, surface areas and air. Regarding ultraviolet lamps in HVAC systems, our design puts the lamps in an either perpendicular or horizontal fashion to the air stream, depending upon the application. This positioning, in addition to the proximity of each lamp to one another, has been effective in count reductions on virtually every occasion. All Fuller Ultraviolet HVAC Systems are designed to broadcast ultraviolet germicidal energy in a 360° rotation, and operate during “blower on” system status. Filtration methods, such as pre-filters and HEPA’s, should proceed ultraviolet systems. Lamp replacement should coincide with filter replacement, to reduce AHU downtime. Electrical codes should be adhered to and switches for each system should be in place for maintenance schedules and overrides.

Parallel Flow UV Systems

Lamps run parallel to the air flow, providing maximum exposure to time allowed. This is a very aggressive system and may require a prescribed amount of straight duct run.


Fuller Bayonet Systems are designed for small duct ways, with the lamps positioned perpendicular to the air flow. These models insert the lamps fully into the duct way, while the control box is attached and positioned outside the duct, allowing access to all electrical components.


These systems also run lamps perpendicular to the air flow. The design of the Diplomat channels the air tightly across a lamp array. The lamp array can be 1- 4 rows deep, dependent upon requirements. A face plate on the end cap provides an easily accessible plate while anchoring the unit to the duct wall.

Rack System

For the largest of duct ways, Fuller provides Rack Systems. These systems are enclosed inside the duct way, housing lamps, electrical components, and in some cases, sensor heads. Lamps position vertically or horizontally, dependent upon duct dimensions. Air streams and coil faces High output Amalgam Lamps are standard, along with Protective Lamp Jackets. Amalgam lamps deliver the most aggressive amount of UVC possible, to meet most duct velocities.


  • Hour Meter (lamp replacement scheduling)
  • Ultraviolet Lamp Monitoring System
  • Ozone Lamps (odor remediation)
  • Protective Lamp Jackets
System Type Servicing Ducts Construction Position to Duct Lamp Rows Control Box
Parallel Small to Medium Stainless Steel or Aluminum Internal Multiple Internal or External
Bayonet Small to Medium Stainless Steel or Aluminum Internal and External Single or Multiple External
Diplomat Medium Stainless Steel Internal Single or Multiple Available
Rack Large Aluminum Internal Single Available