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Sterile Conditioners - FG 2004 Exhaust Air Vent

Ultraviolet Disinfection for Sugar Tanks

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The standard connection type on Fuller Sterile Conditioner model FG 2004 is a 6” slip fit ferrule. Ferrule height is generally 1 1/8”. Taller ferrules are available.

The connection can be modified to position on any side wall, and in most cases, at no extra charge. Connections bolted or riveted and sealed with RTV Mil-A-46106B Compliant Silicone Rubber Adhesive.

Characteristics FG 2004 Air Vent Options
Tank Capacity Up to 100,000 Gallons Floor Mount
Filtration Bulk Poly Filter Carbon, Pleated & Washable. HEPA
Connection 6" Slip Fit Ferrule Tri-Clamp, PVC Flange or Nut, SS Flange, Coupler
Ultraviolet Lamps None None
Filter Pad Replacement Discount Pad Packages Washable, Electrostatic Filters
Construction Stainless Steel 316 Stainless Steel
Location Indoor Outdoor Hood
Service None None
Temperature None None

The FG 2004 Air Vent is a compact exhaust outlet designed to work in conjunction with Full model FG 2144.2020 Sterile Conditioner. The double filter outlet provides easy access to the complete filter as well as filter pads.

Complete Filter Part Number: 2204

Replacement Filter Pad Part Number: 2313