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Air Treatment Systems for Kennels

Fuller offers a full line of ultraviolet Air Treatment Systems for treating Mass Animal Housing.

The KU Series Major Kennel Systems

are manufactured to provide a clean air environment, while keeping noise levels at a minimum. Air is sent down the length of ultraviolet germicidal lamp(s), providing a prolonged exposure to the ultraviolet rays. The significance in an extended resonance time is a longer exposure of harmful pathogens to the powerful ultraviolet rays. The longer the exposure, the more effective the kill rate. These systems are beneficial in areas already being serviced by Air Handlers with filtration methods.

The F Series Filtered Kennel Systems

are manufactured to provide larger air exchanges per hour than the KU Series. Five micron filters are incorporated at the system inlet for large particulate capture. Following the filtration process, the air is funneled across multiple ultraviolet lamps and safely discharged into living spaces. Carbon filter pads are available for odor remediation. These systems are beneficial in areas not being serviced by filtration methods, or areas needing additional odor control.

Fuller Ultraviolet is dedicated

to providing safe, effective Air Systems for mass animal housing. Members of the Fuller staff are active in volunteering at local Animal Shelters, and regularly dedicate time and capital to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, the largest no kill animal facility in the United States.

Model UVC Lamps CFM Filtration Dimensions Power Requirement
FG 7143-KU 1 30 N/A 50" x 5.5" x 11" 120 V. 60 Hz. 1 A.
FG 7243-KU 2 55 N/A 50" x 5.5" x 11" 120 V. 60 Hz. 1.5 A.
FG 7443-KU 4 124 N/A 50" x 10" x 11" 120 V. 60 Hz. 2.5 A.
FG 7243-KUH 2 151 5 Micron/.03 HEPA 53" x 17" x 20" 120 V. 60 Hz. 4.5 A.
FG 7443-KUH 4 265 5 Micron/.03 HEPA 53" x 17" x 24" 120 V. 60 Hz. 5.5 A.
Optional Components Heating Elements
Other Voltages Connections (for duct installation)
316 Stainless Steel (non-corrosion) Washable Sterile Filters
Hour Meter Carbon Filters
HEPA Filtration Scrubbed Face Plate (aesthetics)
Protective Lamp Jackets Ultraviolet Intensity Meter
System Characteristics
Stainless Steel Construction
UV Lamps are Hidden from Personnel & Animals
View Ports
24/7 Operation