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Bulk Poly Media

Premium grade, dual stage filter designed for environments requiring higher levels of efficiency. The inlet layer is more open and acts as a pre- filter layer to the densified air exiting side. Dry tackifier is applied to the outer layer to prevent particle migration once it has been captured. Full Pure replaces lower grade polyester medias, fiberglass, disposable, and some pleated filters. Maximum Temperature - 150 degrees. Fiber - 100% Polyester, 1" or 2" thickness available. UL Rated at 900 Class 2. Traps to 5 microns. Cut to Order. Call for Quote. Contact Fuller for Specification Sheet.

Sterile Filters

The fabric on this filter is a polypropylene. It has inherent electrostatic characteristics. The movement of air through the fabric maintains and builds up this charge. Polypropylene is an FDA approved component, and is used in food processing applications. This material will not disintegrate. Dry dust can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Wash filter thoroughly to remove oils and other non particulate residuals. This filter may be sterilized by placing it in cool or warm water and bringing it to a slow boil for not more than a few minutes.

  • Specifications
  • Filter Type:Size: Various
  • No. of ES Filters: 2
  • Maximum Temperature 180ºF
  • Washable: Yes
  • Air Flow (Max): 1200 CFM
  • UL Classification: Class 2
  • Thickness (combined): 140 mils
  • Tensile Strength: 225lb./in.
  • Initial Resistance: .02 inches W.G.
  • Dust Holding Capacity: 55 grams
  • Material: Polypropylene

This filter can be used in Fuller Air Vent model FG 2001. It can be washed and sterilized, dried and inserted back into the filter frame.

HEPA Filters

This filter has proven to be cost effective and highly efficient in removing a wide variety of contaminants from the airstreams in industrial, medical, and office applications. This design incorporates high efficiency media within a rigid frame, significantly more than most other high efficiency filters on the market. The extended media surface creates a very low resistance to air flow. The low pressure drop results in lower energy costs and longer filter life - key advantages in filter selection. Dual direction media for front or reverse mount installations, the ability to handle large air flow rates.

  • Standard Sizes:
  • 9 7/8” x 9 7/8” x 5 7/8”
  • 11 7/8” x 11 7/8” x 11 7/8”
  • 11 7/8” x 11 7/8” x 5 7/8”
  • 12 7/8” x 17 7/8” x 5 7/8”
  • 23 7/8” x 23 7/8” x 5 7/8”
  • 23 7/8" x 23 7/8" x 11 7/8"

Contact Fuller for Specification Sheet: 9 7/8” x 9 7/8” x 5 7/8”

Bag Filters

Fuller Bag Filters are constructed of an ultra fine glass fiber media. The media is bonded to thin non- woven synthetic backing and sewn with multiple rows of expanded stitch. The stitch is flexible to maintain shape in changing conditions. All stitching is sealed with thermoplastic resin to prevent any possible leakage. The header is constructed of 26 gauge galvanized steel to prevent rusting and provide rigid support to the filter face. Bag Filters offer high efficiency filtration while maintaining low resistance to air flow. Commercial and industrial applications include hospitals, schools, automotive plants, oil mist collection, and fume collection. Multiple sizes are available. Medium to High Efficiency per ASHRAE Standard 52. Standard Size: 20” x 20” x 22”

Pleated Filters

This filter is mainly incorporated in the FG 2200 series. It serves as a large particulate collector before the HEPA, and can stand alone as a filter for HVAC systems with larger CFM's. Fuller Pleated filters accumulate the heavier, more restrictive particles at the bottom of the pleats, leaving the sides open longer for effective filtration. MERV 8 per ASHRAE Standard 52.2. Moisture Resistant 100% Synthetic Media. Maximum Recommended Continuous Operating Temperature: 150 degrees F. Standard or High Capacity, 1", 2", or 4" Thickness is Available. Contact Fuller for Specification Sheet.

Electronic Filters

What we breathe, drink, and eat have a large effect on the quality of our lives. Indoor air pollution has been cited by many leading health authorities as an unseen health hazard. Many claims are being made to sell a myriad of filtration products using high voltage force fields. Very few can compare to the efficiency levels of the ESSA polarized media technology. The ESSA filtration system is designed to retrofit into almost any air moving equipment, be it an existing or new installation. Maintenance on the ESSA requires no tools or cleaning agents and just takes less than one minute to replace the filter. Most pad sizes available. Replacement pads available from Fuller. 1” and 2” thicknesses in all sizes.


Slimline Lamps

Slimline germicidal tubes have similar electrical characteristics to slimline fluorescent lamps. Like the cold cathode tube, it does not require a starter and uses high voltage for starting. An interesting feature of this lamp is that it starts cold by high voltage shock but operates with the electrodes hot. Tube life is governed by the life of the electrodes. A popular lamp in this series is the G36T5. It’s possible to operate this lamp at four different current levels of 120, 200, 300 or 420 milliamperes. This allows four different outputs. Fuller Ultraviolet opts to run these lamps close to their maximum operating range of 420, utilizing the utmost amount of energy from the tube rays.

Lamp Models Lamp Watts Dimension (mm) Lamp Current UV Output Useful Life
W Length (L) Diameter (D) mA Watts W @1m mw/cm³ Hour
G4T5L 4 135 15 160 0.9 10 6000
G6T5L 6 212 15 160 1.7 12 9000
G8T5L 8 288 15 190 2.5 16 9000
G10T5 1/2 L 10 331 15 425 2.7 20 9000
G15T5L 15 437 15 300 4.9 30 9000
G20T5L 20 589 15 320 7.5 60 9000
G30T5L 30 894 15 300 13.5 90 9000
G36T5L 39 914.4 15 425 13.8 120 9000
G64T5L 65 1625.6 15 425 25.0 200 9000

High Output Lamps (HO)

High Output lamps will deliver up to two thirds more UV output than standard ultraviolet germicidal lamps. HO lamps are offered with the standard HO filament or can be equipped with a long life electrode. The long life filament is a single piece construction, High Output filament. This filament type provides added benefits over conventional filament types, and can be operated from 600 to 1200mA. Single piece construction offers greater durability and helps reduce the occurrence premature burnout. The use of this filament offers greater UV output than those using conventional filaments.

Pre Heat High Output Lamps
Lamp Type Base to Face Base to Base* Arc Length Lamp Diameter Lamp Wattage Lamp Current mA Lamp Voltage V@ 50 or 60Hz UV Output UVC Watts UV Output @ 1m µWatts/cm Related Life Hours
GPH212T5L/HO 212mm 136mm 15mm 18 800mA 23 5.0 50 9000
GPH287T5L/HO 287mm 211mm 15mm 27 800mA 34 7.5 75 9000
GPH357T5L/HO 357mm 281mm 15mm 32 800mA 40 10.0 95 9000
GPH436T5L/HO 436mm 360mm 15mm 42 800mA 53 13.5 125 9000
GPH793T5L/HO 793mm 717mm 15mm 72 800mA 90 24 210 9000
Note * UV output is measured at 253.7nm at 100 hours under laboratory conditions.
Output may vary under actual operating conditions.
*-Base face measurement is from base to base, not including pins
**-Lamps are also available in both Pure Quartz (VH) or Synthetic Quartz (VHS)
Instant Start High Output Lamps
Lamp Type Base to Face Base to Base* Arc Length Lamp Diameter Lamp Wattage Lamp Current mA Lamp Voltage V@ 50 or 60Hz UV Output UVC Watts UV Output @ 1m µWatts/cm Related Life Hours
G36T5L/HO/C 843mm 767mm 15mm 75 800mA 95 25.0 240 9000
G64T5L/HO/C 1554mm 1478mm 15mm 145 800mA 180 48.0 385 9000
Note * UV output is measured at 253.7nm at 100 hours under laboratory conditions.
Output may vary under actual operating conditions.
*-Base face measurement is from base to base, not including pins
**-Lamps are also available in both Pure Quartz (VH) or Synthetic Quartz (VHS)

Preheat Hot Cathode Lamps

Hot Cathode Lamps are identical in electrical characteristics to the standard preheat design fluorescent lamp. They may be operated on a typical preheat circuit which employs a glow switch starter and choke, or they may be operated on starterless circuits such as quick start or trigger start. The electrodes, located at the ends of the lamp, are tungsten filaments coated with emission material and, under normal conditions, govern the life of the lamp. In view of the fact that the life of the electrode is shortened by frequent starts, the lamp life is rated according to the number of times the lamp is started, or the burning cycle. Operation at refrigerator temperatures may result in excessive bulb blackening and rapid depreciation in ultraviolet output. Starting of the hot cathode lamp at low temperature is sometimes unreliable and may require special equipment.

Lamp Models Lamp Watts Dimension (mm) Lamp Current UV Output Useful Life
W Length (L) Diameter (D) mA Watts W @1m mw/cm³ Hour
GPH162T5L 8 162 15 500 1.8 18 9000
GPH212T5L 10 212 15 425 2.3 24 9000
GPH287T5L 14 287 15 425 3.7 38 9000
GPH357T5L 17 357 15 425 5.0 51 9000
GPH436T5L 20 436 15 425 6.4 59 9000
If your lamp is not listed above, please contact Fuller Ultraviolet for availability

Cold Cathode Lamps

The cold cathode lamp, instead of having tungsten filaments for electrodes, has sturdy cylindrical electrodes, and a glow switch starter starts instantly by means of a high voltage rather than the lamp. In view of the fact that the electrodes seldom wear out, the lamp life is usually governed by the ultraviolet transmission of the glass, rather than the electrode life and frequency of starts. The lamp may be operated in refrigerator temperatures without causing excessive bulb blackening and resulting loss in ultraviolet output. The high voltage assures dependable, instant starting, even at freezing temperatures.

Lamp Models Lamp Watts Dimension (mm) Lamp Current UV Output Useful Life
W Length (L) Diameter (D) mA Watts W @1m mw/cm³ Hour
782L10 20 16 7/8" 15 90 2.8 28 9000
782L20 24 26 7/8" 15 90 5.5 52 9000
782L30 29 36 7/8" 15 90 8.3 73 9000

Amalgam Lamps

Amalgam lamps that deliver up to 3 times the UVC output of standard low pressure UVC lamps and are designed to operate efficiently at higher operating temperatures than standard and (HO) lamps. These benefits allow equipment manufacture to realize greater efficiency and lower equipment cost. The Amalgam series is a cost effective alternative to standard medium pressure ultraviolet germicidal lamps.

Key Features Include
  • • Increased UV dosage without increasing size
  • • Great efficiency; fewer lamps = lower equipment costs
  • • Greater stability of UVC output over varying temperatures
Lamp Type Bace Face Base to Base* Arc Length Lamp Diameter Lamp Wattage Lamp Current Amps Lamp Voltage V@ 50 or 60Hz UV Output UVC Watts UV Output @ 1m (mWatts/cm²) Related Life Hours Lamp Output @9000/hrs
GIA1554T5LCA/4C 1554mm 1480mm 15mm 200 1.4A 140 62.0 475 9000 65%
GIA1554T6LCA/4C 1554mm 1480mm 19mm 230 2.0A 115 75.0 575 9000 75%
GIA1554T5LCA/HO/4C 1554mm 1480mm 19mm 270 2.0A 135 85.0 650 9000 70%
GIA1200T8LCA Note 1 1130mm 25mm 230 3.4A 68 68.0 570 9000 75%
GIA1500T8LCA Note 1 1430mm 25mm 260 3.4A 79 78.0 600 9000 75%
GIA1500T10LCA Note 1 1430mm 32mm 260 3.8A 65 85.0 650 9000 75%
GIA1575T11LCA Note 1 1500mm 33mm 270 3.8A 69 92.0 700 9000 75%
GIA1575T11LCA/HO Note 1 1500mm 33mm 320 3.8A 85 110.0 850 9000 70%
Amalgam Lamps are also available in both Pure Quartz (VH) or Synthetic Quartz (VHS)
*Base face length will vary based upon lamp base configuration. Contact First Light Technologies, Inc. for details.

Ozone Lamps

Ozone is a gaseous allotrope of oxygen, and it is known as a very strong oxidizing agent in addition to being an extremely effective sterilant. It has been commonly used for many years as a water sterilant. Many major cities use ozone for this purpose, amongst which include Moscow, Paris, Nice and, most recently, Los Angeles. In fact, L.A. has the largest ozone generating plant in the world. Ozone has been found to be extremely effective against microbial contamination of other materials. Ozone has a unique advantage in that it is a gas and, as such, has the capability of reaching all those “nooks and crannies” to perform its microbial destruction in a most efficient manner. Ozone is efficiently generated by ultraviolet radiation having wavelengths below 200 nanometers and, most specifically, at 185 nanometers. Ozone can be diminished by other UV radiation and is destroyed by ultraviolet emissions at 253.7 nanometers. It is noteworthy that organic molecules are also diminished by ultraviolet energy across the spectrum. The most efficient design of UVC equipment uses a combination of wavelengths to achieve a balance between ozone generation and decomposition.

Ozone is a useful tool by itself, and when used in conjunction with UVC, the overall decontamination process works synergistically
Lamp Models Lamp Watts Dimension (mm) Ozone Output Lamp Current UV Output Useful Life
Ozone Lamp W Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Grams Per Hour mA Watts W @1m mw/cm³ Hour
GPH212T5VH 10 212 15 0.6 425 2.3 24 9000
GPH287T5VH 14 287 15 1.0 425 3.7 38 9000
GPH330T5VH/4 16 330 15 1.2 425 4.5 44 9000
GPH357T5VH 20 357 15 1.3 425 5.0 51 9000
GPH436T5VH 20 436 15 1.7 425 6.4 59 9000
GPH450T5VH/4 21 450 15 1.8 425 6.6 62 9000
GPH463T5VH/4 22 463 15 1.9 425 6.9 53 9000
GPH620T5VH/4 29 620 15 2.6 425 9.7 87 9000
GPH793T5VH 37 793 15 3.5 425 12.8 112 9000
GPH810T5VH/4 38 810 15 3.6 425 13.1 115 9000
G12T6VH 10 304.8 15 0.8 425 3.1 32 9000
G10T51/2VH 16 428.6 15 1.4 425 5.3 55 9000
G18T6VH 17 457.2 15 1.6 425 5.8 59 9000
G24T6VH 25 609.6 15 2.3 425 8.5 82 9000
G30T6VH 32 762 15 3 425 11.2 101 9000
G36T6VH 39 914.4 15 3.7 425 13.8 120 9000
G37T6VH 40 939.8 15 3.8 425 14.3 124 9000
G48T6VH 50 1219.2 15 5.2 425 19.3 164 9000
G64T5VH 65 1625.6 15 7.2 425 25.0 200 9000


Lamp Holder No. Description For Use In:
L5001 Single Pin Stationary Sterile Conditioners
L5002 Single Pin Plunger Sterile Conditioners
L5003 Single Pin Stationary Recessed Diplomat Duct Fixtures
L5004 Single Pin Plunger Recessed Diplomat Duct Fixtures
L5005 Flat Four Pin (rectangle) Air Series, HVAC Commercial Equipment
L5006 Single Pin Stationary Tombstone Major Fixtures
L5007 Single Pin Plunger Tombstone Major Fixtures
L5300 Bi Pin 590 FG 2010 Sterile Conditioner
L5400 Broomstick Lamp Clip Assorted Fuller Equipment
Other Lampholders are available, Consult Fuller for more information.

Protective Lamp Jackets

“Shielding of light bulbs helps prevent breakage. Light bulbs that are shielded, coated, or otherwise shatter resistant are necessary to protect exposed food, clean equipment, utensils and linens, and unwrapped single service and single use articles from glass fragments should the bulb break”

—FDA Food Code, Chapter 6, Section 202.11

Germicidal Ultraviolet lamps must be fabricated from specialized quartz rather than from ordinary glass. This is because ultraviolet radiation at 253.7 nanometers (2537 angstroms) will not pass through most substances. Among the few that can be penetrated are the quartz, from which all UVC lamps are composed, and certain plastics in general. Fuller protective lamp jackets can be extruded to form flexible non-seamed tubing of less than 1mm thickness and I.D. tailored to snugly fit UVC lamps (Slimline, cold cathode and GPH preheat types) at both lamp ends.

Our Protective Lamp Jackets Will:
  • • Contain the pieces in case of lamp breakage
  • • Allow 90-95% of the germicidal energy to go through
  • • Be resistant to lamp operating temperatures
  • • Remain flexible and easy to clean
  • Available in different lengths to fit all UVC lamps, Fuller Protective Sleeves have a P.N. 6005//Lamp P.N.
  • Fuller UVC Lamps can be purchased with sleeves already attached.

Lamp Monitoring Systems

The Watchdog Lamp Monitoring System is a valuable tool in maintaining the integrity of ultraviolet sterilization systems. Relative intensity is indicated on an analog meter, with a warning light signaling low output. This system measures relative ultraviolet intensity, with a new lamp reading 1.0 (100%) on the meter. This is not to be confused with a traceable output reading in micro- watts per square centimeter.

Adjustments: Both the meter span, which indicates the 1.0 mark for a new lamp and the trip point for low reading signal are adjustable. To access the adjustment potentiometers, remove the meter face plate from the monitor (2 nuts hold the meter face plate to the monitor housing). Each monitored lamp meter has a corresponding component set on the PC board (under the meter faceplate). Two small "trim pots"(adjustable potentiometers) will be visible for each component set. The trim pot on the left adjusts the low output trip point. The trim pot on the right adjusts the maximum intensity span. To calibrate for a new lamp, adjust the right trim pot with a small screwdriver until the meter reads 1.0 when the lamp is energized. Use proper eyewear to protect from the ultraviolet radiation. All Watchdogs are calibrated at the factory. New lamps will read 1.0; the warning light will signal output of 60% or less (.6 or less on the meter). At that point lamps must be replaced. Allow new lamps to light for 5 minutes prior to reading the meter.