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Mobile Room Sterilizers

Fuller Ultraviolet Mobile Room Sterilizers are self contained, UVC irradiators that can be placed just about anywhere. Mounted on casters, these units are ideal for room to room disinfection.

Standard Models: FG 3400, FG 3500, FG 3600, FG 3800.

Custom systems are available to meet application requirements.

The Mobile Room Sterilizers are ideal for use in:

  • • Sterile Rooms, Nurseries
  • • Operating Rooms
  • • Vacated Patient Rooms with Infectious Cases
  • • Autopsy and Emergency Rooms
  • • Laboratories for Bacteriology, Micro-Bacteriology, and Pathology
  • • Clinics, Examining Rooms, Waiting Rooms
  • • All Areas of Infected Occupancy

Also proven effective for destruction of airborne micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds - in clean rooms, kennels, animal care facilities, research animal laboratories, plus food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic processing operations. Caution should be exercised to ensure that no one is exposed to either model while in operation.

Before re-lamping or performing any type of maintenance on this or any Fuller unit, disconnect power and allow lamps to cool down.

Upper Air Disinfection

The Aristocrat uses germicidal ultraviolet light to disinfect the upper room air. This unit is designed in that all of the ultraviolet energy is above the 6 1/2' level, that is, in the upper air strata of the room. Normal air circulation distributes the disinfected air throughout the room. The air constantly moves up and down in random patterns caused by heating, ventilation, and movement of people in the room. Disturbance of air in this manner allows upper air in the zone to be irradiated by the ultraviolet light. It is displaced downward thus diluting the germ concentration at the lower levels.