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Ozone Generators

Ozone is a gaseous allotrope of oxygen and is generated photochemically through ultraviolet lamps. There are other ways to generate ozone such as corona discharge. Fuller’s line of 03 Ozone Generators focus on photochemical generation. It is produced as a gas at 185 nanometers in the UV spectrum. Ozone’s unique advantage is that it is a gas and, as such, has the capability of reaching all those “nooks and crannies” to optimize its odor destruction in a most efficient manner. Its principal use has been as an oxidizing agent and as an effective sterilant against noxious odors. In applications where significant odors are present, Fuller can produce Ozone Generators to disrupt noxious odors and control them.

• Fuller Ultraviolet manufactures non-ozone producing, carbon filtration systems for occupied living spaces.

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These units can run continuously in rooms where personnel are present.
• Fuller can also provide equipment for the destruction of Ozone.
Areas Where Ozone Generators May Be of Benefit
Transfer Stations Large Capacity Compactor Rooms Hog Pens*
Nail Salons* Soup Kitchens* Shelters*
Nursing Homes* Clinics* Trash Receptacle Storage Areas
Semi Trailers Storage Lockers Fitness Rooms*
*Non-Occupational Only. This refers to after hours, intermittent generation, when personnel and other living creatures are not present. Additional time must be allotted for full ozone dissipation prior to areas being re-occupied.