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Residential Ultraviolet HVAC Systems

Fuller Ultraviolet has created a standard line of Residential UV HVAC Systems. Our Air Series models mount into the duct and plenum areas, transmitting concentrated ultraviolet energy into areas that require this technology. Ultraviolet germicidal rays do not leave the duct way. In the event the coil face is the target area, multiple units may be a necessity. In the event your home exceeds 2000', Consult Fuller, as our Bayonet HVAC Equipment may be more adequately suited for your purpose. Fuller Ultraviolet, in most cases, recommends installing ultraviolet equipment on the supply side of the HVAC system. Two reasons include:

The Effect of Dirt on a UV Lamp Surface:

The dirt, dust, and general debris picked up in air streams of HVAC systems can include all kinds of harmful microorganisms and allergenic chemicals. A germicidal lamp installed in this dirty air will quickly pick up a coating of material that will greatly reduce the amount of UV energy emanating from the lamp. To keep the lamp running at maximum UV output would require frequent cleaning of the lamp, a time consuming project most people would quickly overlook. By installing the unit on the supply side after the filter has removed the debris, lamp surfaces stay much cleaner and operate far more efficiently.

The Effect of Air Temperature on a UV Lamp:

Germicidal UV lamps optimize their radiation output when the lamp surface reaches a temperature of about 105-100 degrees F. Heated supply air is much closer to this temperature than cooler return air, and the result is an improved UV radiation output of 10-25%.

Factors Regarding Our Residential Equipment

  • Ultraviolet germicidal lamps are the primary function in the Air Series units. Air filtration is not a function of this equipment.
  • These systems treat airborne pathogens, and to some degree, duct surface pathogens.
  • Our Air Series systems do not control pathogen growth on the coil face, unless positioned within a set distance from the fins.

Standard Features:

  • 120 V. 60 Hz. service
  • Control box is compact, housing all electrical components.
  • Safety switch
  • View ports
  • 6' Power cord
  • Electronic ballasts