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UV Storage Tank Breathers and Circulators

Ultraviolet Tank Breathing Systems

These systems literally "breathe" filtered and UV treated air into the tank head space when the product is filled or emptied.

Factors Regarding Tank Breathers:

  • Baffles are standard to send all incoming/outgoing air to within 1" of the ultraviolet lamp surfaces.
  • Multiple View Ports
  • 5 micron bulk poly filter is standard.
  • Filter and ultraviolet lamps trap particulates and treat pathogens on an as necessary basis.
  • Ozone is not produced by this equipment.
  • Breathers attach to the tank top, similar to a Sterile Conditioner or Air Vent.
  • These systems do not treat tank headspace condensation.
  • System should operate during fill and dump process only. A relay connection may be useful.
  • Breathers do not incorporate blowers or fans.
  • There is not a secondary release vent on the opposing side of the tank.
  • Breather lines should be closed in the event of CIP.
  • Stainless Steel construction. 316 Stainless is available.
  • General maintenance Schedule: Filter Pad Monthly, Ultraviolet Lamps Yearly.
  • Options Include: Lamp Monitoring Systems, Hour Meters, Lamp Jackets, Additional Filter Types.

UV Storage Tank | Air Circulators

Air stagnation in non-functioning, closed empty storage vessels can bring about foul odors and surface moisture buildup, resulting in costly cleaning cycles prior to re-introduction of product. Fuller Air Circulators provide a constant flow of air into empty storage tanks, keeping condensation controlled. Circulators can also be effective in liquid storage tanks containing product. Water and milk products stored in vessels for short to long periods can benefit from a constant introduction of filtered air into the tank head space.

Factors Regarding Circulators:

  • Fuller Air Circulators are designed to introduce 5 micron filtered air into tank head spaces. Tanks that use these systems do not require pathogen destruction or small scale particulate arrest, rather just a general recirculation of air to control condensation.
  • Circulators are rated to present 4 air changes per hour on an empty tank, but can be scaled down in the event that average capacities will range in 50%-75%.
  • In the event a more aggressive system is required to control pathogens, Consult Fuller or visit our website regarding Sterile Conditioning systems.

Standard Attributes Available Options
Stainless Steel Construction 316 Stainless Steel Construction
120 V. 60 Hz. Service Other Voltages
6' Power Cord Floor or Remote Mounting
Tank Top Mounting Electrostatic Washable Filters (8 micron)
5 Micron Bulk Poly Filter Carbon Filtration
Indoor Service HEPA Filtration
Slip fit ferrule connection is bolted and sealed with RTV Mil-A-46106B Compliant Silicone Rubber Adhesive Outdoor Hoods
Consult Fuller Minihelic (HEPA)
Consult Fuller Hour Meter
Consult Fuller Sanitary, Flange and PVC Connections