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Liquid Storage Tank Head Space Fixtures

Ultraviolet Disinfection for Sugar Tanks

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Fuller offers ultraviolet fixtures for treating head space interiors in liquid storage tanks. As product is filled or dumped from the tank, air travels across the Tank Head Space Fixture. This movement propels pathogens towards the ultraviolet lamps, where their cell walls are decoded and disseminated. Standard Head Space Fixtures are constructed of 304 Stainless Steel, and are available in 316 stainless steel, or anodized aluminum. They are constructed without the use of welds to prevent breakdown in seams and joints from excessive moisture.

Model Lamps: Intensity* Dimensions Power Requirement
FG 7116 - TH 1: 55μW/cm² @ 1 Meter 40"L. x 7"W. x 5"H. 120 V. 60 Hz. .5 A.
FG 7216 - TH 2: 55μW/cm² @ 1 Meter 40"L. x 9"W. x 7"H. 120 V. 60 Hz. 1.0 A.
FG 7143 - TH 1: 120μW/cm² @ 1 Meter 40"L. x 7"W. x 5"H. 120 V. 60 Hz. .75 A.
FG 7243 - TH 2: 120μW/cm²@ 1 Meter 40"L. x 9"W. x 7"H. 120 V. 60 Hz. 1.5 A.
FG 7164 - TH 1: 200μW/cm² @ 1 Meter 68"L. x 7"W. x 5"H. 120 V. 60 Hz. 2.0 A.
FG 7264 - TH 2: 200μW/cm² @ 1 Meter 68"L. x 9"W. x 7"H. 120 V. 60 Hz. 3.5 A.
*As the distance from target to lamp surface increases, so does the intensity rate.
• Distance between lamps on FG 7216-TH, FG 7243-TH, FG 7264-TH is 5”. The systems listed above are

—•• ••

standard. Fuller can design and manufacture customized equipment tailored to more unique specifications.

Factors to determine if a Fuller Tank Head Space Fixture could be your solution are:

Humidity & Temperature Tanks that have high temperature and humidities on a consistent basis may not be a suitable environment for interior fixtures and the broadcasting of ultraviolet rays.
Average Tank Capacities The closer the UV fixture to the product, the more effective the ultraviolet rays. However, the product must never be in contact with the fixture. If the product can stay at least 4” from the bottom of the fixture, this may be feasible. Tanks that have a history of being inadvertently overfilled should not be equipped with Head Space Fixtures.
CIP or Clean Out In the event of CIP or clean-out, these fixtures must be disconnected from their power source and completely covered.